Our extensive experience in the agricultural and pharmaceutical sector is reinforced by important investments in technology and research, in order to continue offering our clients maximum innovation and quality guarantees for our products.

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certification of Quality Management in Research, Development, Manufacture, Packaging and Marketing of agrochemical and pharmaceutical products.

  • Certification of Good Experimental Practice (GEP) for agrochemical products.

  • ENAC Certification of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for the determination of physico-chemical properties of agrochemicals.

  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory (Holder, Manufacturer and Distributor).Nº: 1.797 E - Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices

  • Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices of Medicines (GMP) - Health Department (Government of Catalonia)

  • General Sanitary Registry of Foods - Nº: 26-07810/B - Health Ministry and Consumption

  • Sanitary Registry of Industries and Food Products of Catalonia Nº: 26-05638/Cat - Health Department and Social Security (Government of Catalonia)

  • Agro-Alimentary Laboratory of Catalonia - Nº 69 - Department of Agriculture (Government of Catalonia)

  • Authorization for the manufacture of Medical Devices (5817-PS), Cosmetics (2331-C) and Antiseptics for intact skin (461-DES)

  • Innovative Company - Economic Department.

    LAINCO meets all obligations arising from the application of the European Regulation REACH (1907/2006) on Registration of chemicals, regulated by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


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