LAINCO, S.A. collaborates in the generation of employment and prosperity by contributing to socioeconomic development, with attention to environmental preservation.

Aware of the importance of Research and Development (R&D), LAINCO, S.A. maintains an active policy of technological innovation:

  • Pharmacy Division: Research of new pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Agriculture Division: Agreements with important Spanish research centers.

Moreover, LAINCO, S.A. is a member and participates in the leading Spanish and European associations of the sector:

  • AEPLA (Spanish Crop Protection Association)
  • APJ (Spanish Association of products for the care of Parks and Gardens)
  • ECCA (European Crop Care Association)
  • FARMAINDUSTRIA (Spanish Association of Pharmaceutical Industry).

Finally, LAINCO, S.A. to ensure correct environmental management of empty containers is adhered to the following Integrated Management Systems:

  • SIGFITO (Agrochemical products)
  • ECOEMBES (Garden products)
  • SIGRE (Pharmaceutical products)
  • SIGERU (Agrochemical products Portugal)
Last update > 27/10/2022