The foundation of LAINCO, S.A. dates back to 1934, and is the result of the personal and business initiative of José Antonio Serrallach-Juliá, Doctor of Chemistry. Serrallach-Juliá's extraordinary entrepreneurial nature and scientific character led him to develop a colloidal laxative (Emuliquen), which constituted the basis for the creation of a pharmaceutical laboratory. He then developed Mercromina (a dermatological antiseptic) - one of the most emblematic and reputed products of our company.

The Division of Agriculture was created in 1950 with the purpose of providing innovative solutions for Spanish agriculture. From its beginnings, LAINCO, S.A. was recognized for its work in synthesis, formulation and investigation, as well as for its efforts in communication and training, a pioneer in the introduction of new agrochemical defenses in Spain.

By agreement reached in 1972 with the Japanese company Hokko, LAINCO, S.A. has the former distributor in Spain of the biological fungicides KASUMIN (Kasugamycin) and LAICON (Polyoxin-B), both of which became reference products in the agrochemical industry.

Since 1998, LAINCO, S.A. took an important qualitative step forward, with significant advances in all fields, becoming established as one of the most prestigious companies in the sector, with the will to continue its constant evolution and adaptation to the challenges of the XXI century.

LAINCO, S.A. has been ISO 9001/2000 Quality Management Certified in Research, Formulation and Marketing of agrochemical and pharmaceutical products since 2002.

In 2005 we obtained the certification EOR to undertake Effectiveness Field Test of phytosanitary products (Crop Protection Products).

In 2008, we got the certification of compliance from ENAC with the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for the determination of physico-chemical properties of pesticides.

During the year 2009 the company celebrated its 75th anniversary (1934-2009).

In 2013 renovation of the chemical plant of Metam sodium.

In 2015 inclusion of Lainco Metam in the European registry of plant protection products.

In 2017 three new industrial buildings built to expand the agrochemical production plant.

In 2.018 new automatic packaging line for soil fumigants.

In 2.019 new laboratory and plant for the formulation of biological products.

In 2,020 new plant for the production and packaging of fungicides.



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