Quality Policy

We are a team of people committed to client service and satisfaction, based on quality, technological innovation and the internationalization of our activities.

LAINCO S.A.’s management establishes, implements and maintains the Company’s Quality Policy, which is defined by the following terms:

LAINCO S.A. considers that establishing strategies for a sound and sustainable chemical industry, and compliance with the requirements of ISO standard 9001:2015, form a fundamental part of our business activity.

LAINCO S.A.’s quality policy is based on the following basic principles:
- Compliance with all the current legal regulations that apply to us in terms of quality.
- Continual improvement of our products, processes and facilities, identifying risks and opportunities for improvement to maintain our clients’ trust.
- Establishment of objectives and aims in order to work to improve management the quality we have established.
- Review of the whole Quality Management System by Senior Management, to guarantee its effectiveness.

To develop these basic principles, we work on:
- Training and raising awareness of the objective of QUALITY, for all employees.
- Dissemination and availability of the policy to all LAINCO S.A. staff and the relevant interested parties.
- Continual updating of technological knowledge applicable to the quality of our activities by our technical staff.
- Technical support for our clients and users, always considering sound and sustainable use of our products.
- Ensuring correct functioning of the System, assigning responsibilities and authority to ensure the correct:

o Application of regulation requirements.
o Functioning of processes.
o Information for Senior Management regarding the performance of the quality management system and opportunities for improvement.
o Application of client focus.
o Integrity of quality management faced with changes in the system.

This quality policy is supported by LAINCO, S.A.’s management team, and shared by all collaborators.


Last update > 08/07/2020